A good boyfriend

A good boyfriend is a passionate boyfriend — one who knows what he wants and goes after it.
Good boyfriends do not play games. If a guy can’t have a conversation with you about the status of the relationship he is not a good boyfriend.
A good boyfriend is one who induces belly laughs, but ones you feel good about. You’re laughing together, not at the expense of each other.
A good boyfriend is your biggest fan. He genuinely wants the best things to happen for you and he supports you
He is a good fighter who care about the outcome, he just want to compromise and resolve the tension while finding a solution that makes the relationship stronger and happier.
He’s a genuinely good person, it might seem corny to have “what do you want out of life?” conversations, but this is the kind of guy that actually has an answer. He is a deep thinker and wants to do good in the world and cares about self-improvement and being a decent human being. i know he’s a great guy to be partnered with because he’s only going to get better with time..
I love you
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