I dont know how to describe how i feel, not because i dont want to but because i can not. I could try tho.. 
I feel like something is taken away from me, something i saw as rightfully mine. Something i would not and could not see myself without..

I feel that i am about to loose the one person in my life that has given me so much to hope for, a man that has given me more love than i ever could imagine. That has made me love myself, and accepted me as i am, flaws and all. Who took my son in and treated him as if he could be his own.. Someone i have felt so much love for, am feeling so much love for! Someone that i could see myself spending a lifetime with, someone i would want to plan and have children with one day. My lifepartner, my soulmate.. I think that because i finally have him here, with me, what we both always wanted.. Atleast i know that is what i wanted, he is now going to leave me. Because of me. I hate this and hate isn't even the right word to use.

I am loosing a part of me, how can one go on without a part of themselves i ask, and will he take with him everythig he gave to me? I am broken.
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